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Tom Chiginsky is the host and producer of the podcast It’s When Not If ® , and the CEO and founder of Stratesis Group, LLC.  Tom is an expert in producing crisis simulations, multi-media production, and digital asset management  Prior to founding The Stratesis Group in 2015 he was a managing director and co-founder of Blue Water Partners Global (BWPGlobal) where he served as Chief Technology Officer.

His portfolio at BWPGlobal included producing over fifty crisis simulations for a global roster of clients, including international banks, LNG facilities, mining companies, global hospitality chains and insurance companies among others. In addition, he had legal contract responsibility and negotiated contracts for crisis simulations around the world. He has also produced eLearning courses in maritime security, travel security, improvised explosive device detection and avoidance, travel security and understanding school shootings.

Prior to BWPGlobal, Tom founded Azura Media, Inc. a company focused on collaborative tools and information fusion platforms to facilitate getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time. In the past Tom has been one of a small group of experts who advised the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria. He collaborated on developing their next generation information analysis and dissemination systems, dealing with the proliferation of weapons grade materials and technologies.

He has facilitated and advised an international team on increasing collaboration and reducing the friction of information dissemination to decision makers and agencies. He has participated in international exercises focused on turning global data into knowledge to interdict and reduce the threat of WMD. He has been a featured speaker and presenter giving high level presentations regarding global collaboration and efficient content delivery.

Prior to entering the field of digital collaborative tools and content management in 2002 Tom was a technology consultant in New York and Europe to online retail and publishing concerns, focusing on setting the standards for global content delivery and digital workflows. Tom worked on global digital projects incorporating the latest content management and digital image delivery technologies for luxury retailers in Europe and the US.

He is a world class competitive sailor and was a member of Dennis Conner’s 1983 Freedom/Liberty Americas Cup Campaign. Tom attended Boston University where he completed a self-directed course of study with a major in Architecture and Environmental Design.

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