It’s When Not If ® is the podcast for strategic crisis management for the 21st century. The world is hyper connected, volatile and changing at an ever-increasing pace.  We can no longer hope that a crisis will blow over without doing substantial damage in our organizations both public and private.  Business continuity, cyber security, public affairs and senior leadership must all be on the same page.

In a world of 24/7 news cycles, often based on 140 character tweets and social media, if we are not prepared, we are destined to fail.  Financial position, operations, and reputation are all at risk.

In this podcast series, your host Tom Chiginsky, a veteran of over 50 large scale crisis simulations for the Fortune 500 and NGO’s, defines what it means to be prepared today.   He will analyze past crises, current crises and discuss the lessons we should all learn, with emphasis on economic and reputational effects.

Organizations must all be on the same page, from the “board room to the lunch room”.  There is a strong business case for being ready.  High impact events that were previously low probability, are now all too familiar.  These events impact a wider audience of shareholders, stakeholders and strategic partners than ever before.

There is just no excuse anymore for not being prepared for when crisis knocks in this volatile world.